provides professional calibration of almost all types of dimensional standards, and hand tools


Geotech studies

fully equipped and operated by experienced engineers and geologists


Material testing

an ISO17025 approved entity to perform the variety of quality control testing on the construction materials

Geotechnical studies

AL MUMAYAZ  geotechnical engineering department is fully equipped and operated by experienced engineers and geologists. Our geotechnical engineering expertise advice and helps customers with the best and appropriate solutions to save time, money and resources.

Al Mumayaz carry out the filed works in all over the Kingdom even in remote areas with the drilling capability up to 60meters. Samples are extracted and onsite reports on samples are prepared by the site geologists. Geotechnical samples are transported to the laboratory for the further testing to generate the final geotechnical report. Al Mumayaz geotechnical report provides comprehensive data and authentic overview on the investigated area with conclusions and decisions to ease the project design team.

Our services under this department are following but not limited to:


1. Onsite and Lab tests.

2. Soil and rock Investigation.

3. Permeability.

4. plate load test.

5. CPT, SPT.

6. Teats pit.

7. Piezometer, etc.

Ground Engineering

1. Drilling.

2. Soil improvement.

3. Pilling, shoring.

4. Anchoring,& dewatering solutions…etc.


Geological Geotechnical engineering

1. Regional and detailed geological mapping.

2. Environmental.

3. Slope stability.

4. Bearing resistance…etc.

Hydrological and Hydrogeological studies

1. Feasibility study.

2. Assessment.

3. Monitoring and evaluation of surface and groundwater.